Words of Wisdom

This page is dedicated to the advice or cool phrases I've gotten so far from my peers, co-workers, and people I look up to or who inspire me:

Note: I try to keep the words of wisdom in their most purest of forms (therefore, some grammatical errors will be shown, don't get mad!)

"believe in yourself, and the rest will follow" - PV

"Always ask questions"

"Never burn bridges" - MF

"Get involved in open source projects or the general community" - GK

“Program as much as you can (or is reasonable) but also have other hobbies” - WS

"Learn to admit that you are wrong and take the steps to reflect then recover from your mistakes (similar to the concept of “fail fast”. Help others when they make the same mistakes"

"Learn a little bit of everything as technology evolves really fast. There are always new languages/frameworks/tools to learn. Having experience (basic or expert) in such items will increase your overall experience and help you get hired."

"...managing your career knowing that you know best what makes you happy" - SL

"Don't burn yourself out" - SL

"...stay on top of things" - SL

"...work for a company that values people learning while at work and will give you time to do that and also help pay for that kind of thing." - SL

"...find a mentor if you can. Someone who encourages you and can also help you learn." - SL

"Don't let failure discourage you, it is part of the journey to success" - GS

"Life isn't meant to be figured out. Life is meant to be lived." -GS

"Sometimes I think design is just personality." - KP

"dont be lazy and be open minded with everything, you never know what opportunities may come up" - CF

"spend some time early on getting to know your colleagues" - BF

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

These bits of advice pertain to life in general and work life. I hope that you, the reader, will also find value with these words of wisdom and will be able to apply them to your life.