My Life: Be 60-40 about it

"Be 60-40 about it" - GS

That right there is the motto I created and lived by since my internship during the summer after my junior year at Waipahu High School.

Motto Cultivation

Thanks to the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT), now IET Services Pathway, I was able to attain an IT internship (paid!) with HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union. The cultivation of my motto occurred during orientation week where the intern cohort at the time were gathered around a table to participate in an exercise (I bet you can guess what it is).

That exercise was to develop a personal motto and illustrate it on paper with some markers to add a splash of color. Unfortunately, I don't have the original copy of my illustration (It is probably back home in Hawaii). However, I will do my best to describe what I sketched out.

"Be 60-40 about it"

My motto was written out in the center of the white paper and with a clear divide crossing the hamburger orientation of the paper. This line did not split the paper into two equal halves. Rather, the paper was split with a section about 60% and the other section occupying 40% of space. The 60% side, is the positive side which was decorated with ":)" and "+". The 40% side, of course was negative, with ":(" and "+".

After all the interns were completed with their motto cultivation, we each took turns to share our work.

The Meaning

"So the motto I created for myself is: Be 60-40 about it. Why? Because I feel that in life we should make decisions that are more positive than negative. I am not saying to disregard the negatives but rather consider it to help make your decisions realistic. I like to approach life with optimism as much as possible. Pessimism does not sit well with me. I hope that, by being 60-40 about it, people will be able to make positive change in their lives and the lives around them."

That is what I recall sharing to the HR manager (at the time) and my fellow intern mates. I don't know how I was able to share those words but I received praise and nods of agreement. The HR manager said that I should be a business or marketing person rather than an IT person!

If you ever find yourself thinking 50-50, I challenge you to kick it up a notch and try thinking 60-40. Let me know what the results are with this change of thought and share them in the comments below.



I code, I watch YouTube videos, I watch TV shows, I watch movies, I watch cartoons. Sometimes I drink beer and hard liquor. I just want to live a happy life. Interests: Anything I find interesting

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