My Goals

Writing your goals down is a piece of advice that I've heard and read about. It is supposed to help you make your goals concrete when they are written out (physically on paper or virtually through typing). That being said, I have decided to log my goals here and share them with you. I hope that someone will be able to hold me accountable and maybe push me to complete them or provide status updates.

  • Work at Microsoft to improve or develop the next HoloLens by 2030
  • Create an Augmented Reality application from scratch
  • Create a Virtual Reality application from scratch
  • Bring a startup to life with my Software Engineering expertise
  • Create and (co)lead a local VR/AR/MR Chapter or Association
  • Get at job a Microsoft through my social interactions
  • Take at most 1 month to catch up with the current project at my new job
  • Get connected with the developer community in Cleveland, OH (in person, through means such as Meetup events) within the 1st month of residence
  • Start a VR/AR business (consulting or with a small team with a small product) on the side
  • Attain a technical managerial role or work at a Top 10 Tech company no later than the age of 27
  • Attain a driver's license no later than the end of 2018
  • Purchase a used Mustang as my first car no later than the end of 2025
  • Pay off my student loans no later than the end of 2020
  • Become a micro-influencer for VR/AR/MR on Twitter by the end of 2018