Life Lessons: The Watch, The Best Time Keeper

I traded watches with a new friend for a day and realized how important it was to keep track of your time in a physical manner through a medium that is dedicated to keeping time.

Wrist watches, which often times are fashion statements, are actually more than just that. There is a story behind every watch like there is for most material items. For me, the watch I currently own and will keep as long as I am able to, is from my older brother. When I visited Hawaii back in 2016 for the holidays, I saw him wear the watch. My good friend who also saw the watch, complemented my brother. They both were wearing small faced watches that fit nicely on their wrists. Now, witnessing how my brother and friend both interacted and conversed on watches, I realized that I needed a wrist watch as well! My brother was generous enough to have me wear his watch for the time I was visiting Hawaii. An analog watch that required you to decipher what time it is based on how the hands are positioned. I had no problem with this but I felt great checking the watch from time to time. It made me develop the senses of time and how much work is needed for it to be correct.

When I neared my last days of visit home, my brother just said to keep the watch! I was shocked at his statement and was very happy that he let me keep it!
This only made the watch even more special and, indirectly, time more special.

In the current day and age, time is just a nominal factor in our lives. So much that we often times neglect time.

And now we murderers, because we kill time - Young Money

This is were our lives become dangerous. We never escape time but time quickly escapes us. Therefore, we must do our best to maximize all of the time we have in our lives. When talking to another close friend at dinner, we did our best to roughly calculate how much free time an average person would have in their life time. The exact conversions and factors of numbers are hazy to me, but we came up with an amount of 15 years free time. Now this is a mass amount of time that can be spent in numerous ways.

I would like to encourage that people maximize their 15 years of free time doing something productive. Productive as in for your family, your friends, your career, your community, your environment, your world, and most importantly #selflove aka your self (a hashtag I picked up from another Hawaii friend who blogs and just recently posted about managing your time, an inspiration for this blog post). Leisurely items should be minimized but not eliminated. Try your best to build in the important aspects of your life into leisure time as well to make it productive.

This watch from my brother will always be a constant physical reminder of why I should never neglect time. The Watch, The Best Time Keeper will be a simple phrase that I hope you will be able to remember from this blog post. And from this blog post, I hope you learn to gain new value for time and see it in a different perspective.

Happy time keeping,


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