Gerald: An Introduction

Hello random reader,

My name is Gerald and this is my blog. The reason behind this blog is a personal one where I learn to explore my writing capabilities in hopes to share my ideals and thoughts to anyone who comes across them.

Let us start with who I am. I am of Filipino decent, born and raised in the tropical weather of Hawaii on the island of Oahu. From Hawaii, I migrated to colder weather to study Software Engineering at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Outside of school, I am a Test Intern at ShoreTel's Milwaukee office (aka Corvisa, once upon a time). Yes, I like to code and surf the web to learn what I can. Currently, I am interested in Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality software development (I own the Samsung Gear VR - Innovator Edition, and just recently, the Google Daydream VR). One day, I hope to own a Hololens and explore it's capabilities.

Outside of technical things, I like to watch YouTube videos, watch TV Shows, watch Movies, watch Cartoons (the good stuff, like anime), eat, sleep, and sometimes breathe. Yes, I am more of a watcher and not a player.

What to know more about me? Comment on this post or just find my contact information somewhere. If you got to this blog, I assume you know how to contact me already!

Mahalo/Salamat/Thank you for reading this short post,


I code, I watch YouTube videos, I watch TV shows, I watch movies, I watch cartoons. Sometimes I drink beer and hard liquor. I just want to live a happy life. Interests: Anything I find interesting

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